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Demi Lovato reflects on growing up on Disney alongside Miley Cyrus

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Demi Lovato recently appeared on the In Bed With Nick and Megan podcast, where she was asked about growing up on the Disney Channel. She recollected some memories of growing up alongside Miley Cyrus and other Disney stars.

Megan: “It’s so weird to me that you and all the other 20-something pop stars all know each other, and have worked together, and are friends, or were friends, or will be, you know what I mean? It’s so crazy to me. […]”

Demi: “It’s really funny because when you think about it, we all grew up on Disney Channel, around the same age. […] You know, Miley Cyrus, Selena, Jonas Brothers, all them, even the cast of High School Musical. Everybody was kind of growing up together, […] We grew up together, and it was this really small group of kids that, we really couldn’t relate to a lot of people, so we kind of stuck together.

And then, it was like this, we called it ‘Disney High’, because you know, when there’s only a select few of you that can relate to one another, well, you start dating each other, and then you become friends with one another, and you fall out with one another, and break-up with one another, and then other people date each other, it’s confusing and dramatic and that’s ‘Disney High’. [Laughs]”

Source: Spotify.com


Miley Cyrus ranks #7 on NPR’s Ranking of SNL’s 45th Season Musical Guests

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NPR, a public radio network in the US and available globally, recently ranked Saturday Night Live‘s musical guests from the 45th season. Included in their ranking was Miley’s performance for SNL: Live at Home.

Bathed in red light while sitting aside a fire pit at night, Cyrus belted out Pink Floyd’s 1975 lighter-waver “Wish You Were Here” with the socially distanced accompaniment of guitarist Andrew Wyatt. (The choice of Wyatt — a bestselling pop producer, guitarist and songwriter who’s working with Cyrus on her next album — felt notable, in part because Wyatt has written publicly about his recent battle with COVID-19.)

For a simple set-up recorded under difficult circumstances, Cyrus’ performance did a pretty ingenious job of turning back-porch busking into the stuff of late-night sound stages. It had visual drama: smoke, flames, distinct lighting, moody accompaniment, lavish fashion. But it also served up the umpteenth reminder that Miley Cyrus is a marvelous singer, with vocal — and emotional — range to spare.

Watch the performance below!

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Miley Cyrus Streaming Parties & Projects

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Over the next few weeks, there will be a few streaming parties & projects being held by fans across Twitter, Instagram & Facebook. We’d love to see as many fans getting involved!

All of the dates/times/plans can be found below. All original tweets can be found at the bottom of this post!

Visit our Streaming Page for the albums & playlists!

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The Shires and King Calaway teamed up for a performance of The Climb

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Lockdown hasn’t stopped the UK’s best-selling country act from making music in a special collaboration.

The Shires have performed a duet of Miley Cyrus track The Climb with King Calaway. Hertfordshire/Bedfordshire duo Ben Earle and Crissie Rhodes teamed up with the multi-national six-piece to sing the brooding power ballad.

The song has been released as part of King Calaway’s ‘Nashville House Band Series’, in which the group have teamed up with top musical acts across the globe to release collaboration video performances recorded and filmed independently of one another.

Ben and Crissie of The Shires, who headlined St Albans festival Meraki last summer, said: “We were so excited when the boys asked us to do a virtual collaboration as we love their voices and their fresh new sound. 

The Climb is also genuinely one of our all-time favourite songs, so it really felt like the stars had aligned when they suggested it.”

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Miley Congratulates Noah Cyrus on Britney Spears Instagram Video

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Britney Spears recently put on another mini-show for her fans, and Miley Cyrus seemed thrilled that the pop superstar decided to get her twirl on to one of her younger sister’s songs.

On Thursday, Britney shared her latest dance video with her 24.3 million Instagram followers. Like many of her past videos, it was filmed inside her palatial living room.

Miley recognized the song as her younger sister Noah’s 2019 single, July. In the comments section of Britney’s post, Miley congratulated Noah on having her talent recognized by the “Stronger” songstress.

“@noahcyrus you made it,” read Miley’s comment, which included a black heart emoji.

Watch Britney’s video below!

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Cody’s letter to Vogue on his new Miley directed video

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Earlier this week, Cody Simpson released his new music video for Captain’s Dance with the Devil, directed, styled and filmed by Miley Cyrus.

Cody wrote an open letter to Vogue Magazine for them debuting his music video – read below!

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Cyrus Trivia Night – 5/23

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Saturday 23rd May

2pm EST | 11am PST | 6pm GMT | 7pm BST (UK) |

@ Zoom.us

Meeting ID: 736 8435 9508


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‘SNL,’ Backyard Sessions and Beyond: The 22 Best Miley Cyrus Covers (Critic’s Picks)

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Miley Cyrus has never been one to shy away from covering some of her favorite artists. From inserting covers into concert set lists to starting her own series of acoustic covers through Happy Hippie Presents: Backyard Sessions, Cyrus has a large repertoire of cover tunes.

Billboard has compiled her best covers below (in no particular order).

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Re-live Miley’s festival performances with BBCR1’s Big Weekend 2020

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BBC Radio One are hosting a remote festival this weekend, bringing filmed-at-home performances and throwback sets to our TVs, radios and streaming devices with the Big Weekend 2020.

On Sunday (24th May), available to watch on BBC or the BBC iPlayer, the Big Weekend 2020 will be showing Miley’s set from the 2019 festival

Find out more information here! (If you can’t watch BBC/iPlayer, you can also watch here).


Nothing But Love: Miley Cyrus Dances to Noah Cyrus’ New Music in a ‘Quarantini’ Bikini

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Miley Cyrus took to social media on Thursday (May 21) to show some love for her sister Noah Cyrus’ new EP, The End of Everything.

“Seeing myself in a bikini for the first time since quarantini ….. @noahcyrus new EP out now! #EndOfEverything,” the elder Cyrus captioned the TikTok video, which features her strutting down a number of stone steps and dancing around to opening track “Ghost” in a chic black string bikini.

The clip comes just days after Noah opened up in a tearful moment to Apple Music about the struggles of growing up in her older sister’s shadow, which she details on EP track “Young & Sad.”

“Being born in the family I was in, everybody gave me such hard time for having a hard time being Miley’s little sister,” the younger Cyrus said during the interview. “But I always felt like I was that person that no one gave a shit about, due to what people said to me online. And it was absolutely unbearable.”

Check out Miley’s sisterly support below. …Read More

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