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Happy Hippie

The Happy Hippie Foundation was founded by Miley Cyrus in 2014 and focuses on fighting injustice facing homeless youth, LGBTQ youth and other vulnerable populations.

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June 30th, 2020 / 0 comments / Craig

To honour Pride month, we put together a Twitter thread of all times Miley Cyrus has been an ally and a supporting member of the LGBTQ+ community.

From opening up to her mom about her sexuality, expressing her love for women, as well as men, when she was only 14 years old; the start of her Happy Hippie Foundation in 2014; and her Mother’s Daughter music video in 2019, which included performers such as Aaron Philips, a black trans girl; Lacey Baker, a non-binary skateboarder; and Casil McArthur, a transgender male model, as well as so many other performers speaking about finding power and freedom in their own self-expression. Miley has been an LGBTQ activist, icon and idol.

  1. Miley opens up to her mom about her sexuality, at 14 years old

2. Miley is the only Disney Channel cast member to openly support the LGBTQ+ community

3. Miley performs Can’t Be Tamed on Britain’s Got Talent which was criticised for being β€˜highly sexualised’ and β€˜raunchy’ which Miley publicly apologising

4. Miley’s first time performing at G-A-Y nightclub in London

5. Miley released her song “My Heart Beats for Love” in honour of her gay best friend

6. Miley performed “My Heart Beats for Love” for MTV at House of Blue’s

7. Miley shares photo with her gay friend, and tweets a fan showing support to the LGBTQ+ community

8. Miley tweets further support to the LGBTQ+ community

9. Miley gets Equal sign tattoo

10. Miley responds to negative comments about her Equal sign tattoo

11. Miley talks about the backlash she received over her tattoo with Glamour Magazine

12. Miley kissed a girl and she liked it during Adore You kiss cam on Bangerz Tour

13. Miley tells fans that she likes it when “boys kiss boys” and “girls kiss girls” on the kiss cam

14. Miley’s second time performing at G-A-Y nightclub in London with inflatable penis

15. Miley launches the Happy Hippie Foundation in 2014 to support homeless youth, LGBTQ+ youth and other vulnerable populations

16. Miley donates $500,000 to AIDS research organisations

17. Miley is the 2015 face of MAC Cosmetics Viva Glam campaign with proceeds of the collection helping people affected by HIV / AIDS

18. Miley shares the story of a transgender women who was murdered by her father

19. Miley calls out Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton and urges fans to do the same

20. Miley officially launches the Happy Hippie Foundation in the United States of America in an interview with Good Morning America

21. Miley & Happy Hippie present: Backyard Session and team up with Facebook for a donation feature

22. Miley writes op-ed titled β€œInnovators vs. Dinosaurs” for Happy Hippie

23. Miley calls out Everett High School in Lansing, Michigan after a student was told not to wear a “Legalize Gay” t-shirt

24. Miley speaks to Paper Magazine about her gender and sexuality, announcing she is gender-fluid

25. Miley launches Happy Hippie’s #InstaPride campaign showcasing members of the transgender community

26. Miley receives the amfAR Inspiration Award

27. 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, Miley hosts and performs giving LGBTQ+ communities and individuals a platform on the show

28. Miley talks to Marie Claire about her gender identity, sexual orientation and her Happy Hippie Foundation

29. Miley Talks Sex, Gender, And Acceptance with ELLE UK

30. Miley releases a song for an LGBTQ movie

31. Miley received the Los Angeles LGBT Centre’s Vanguard Award

32. Miley was named one of DoSomething.org’s top celebrities for social change

33. Miley & Happy Hippie team up with LGBTQ muslim leaders

34. Miley shares β€œthe Gayest Selfie Ever” in β€œMake American Gay Again” t-shirt

35. Miley reveals to Variety details on her first ever relationship

36. Miley was honoured Variety’s Power of Women Award

37. Miley mourns death of George Michael

38. Miley leads Happy Hippies and gives speech at Women’s March in Los Angeles

39. Miley speaks out against discriminatory legislation to Texas Leaders

40. Inspired released as promotional single for Pride Month

41. Miley performed at Hot 99.5’s Capital Pride Concert

42. Miley narrates story about Stonewall for Spotify

43. Miley tweets fans to have a happy pride

44. Miley & Happy Hippie team up with Converse for their Pride collection

45. Miley encourages her fans to show their pride β€œALL the time”

46. Miley’s third time performing at G-A-Y nightclub in London

47. Miley appears as guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race

48. Miley talks to Michelle Visage & RuPaul about her continuous efforts in supporting the LGBTQ+ community

49. Miley’s alter-ego Ashley O becomes 2019’s Big Gay Icon

50. Mother’s Daughter music video was released

51. Miley supports friend and singer Demi Lovato on her coming out

52. Miley explains she left her church due to her gay friends not being accepted

53. Miley hosts LGBTQ & Pop Culture Bright Minded episode

54. Miley shares resources for the transgender community on Bright Minded

55. Miley hosts COVID-19 pride gathering for her LGBTQ friends at her home

Miley Cyrus
Miley Ray Cyrus (born Destiny Hope Cyrus; 23 November, 1992) is an American singer, songwriter and actress. Miley has released 6 studio albums & 2 EPs to date.

  • In 2014, Miley founded The Happy Hippie Foundation, a nonprofit organisation that rallies young people to fight injustice facing homeless youth, LGBTQ youth and other vulnerable populations.
  • Click here to visit the website and support!
  • Watch the Backyard Sessions here.

  • During the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, Miley created Bright Minded - an Instagram live show connecting with special guests discussing how to stay positive in dark times. Watch the series here.
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