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Happy Hippie

The Happy Hippie Foundation was founded by Miley Cyrus in 2014 and focuses on fighting injustice facing homeless youth, LGBTQ youth and other vulnerable populations.

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July 14th, 2020 / 0 comments / Emily

Tish & Brandi Cyrus recently appeared on the Chicks in the Office podcast, where they discussed their new podcast Sorry We’re Stoned, how weed has become a staple in the Cyrus family, fun stories about Billy Ray & Miley and much more!

Listen to their full appearance on the podcast (40:05-1:16:52), or read the transcript of their Miley Cyrus stories below.

Tish: I’m not a real, like, morning kind of wake and bake girl, I feel like that’s pushing it a little bit, so usually I’m waiting a little more to the evening hours to actually get stoned. And, I don’t know, I should do a little back story here: I had never gotten high until I was 42, which is crazy. So I’d never smoked weed ever. And I was actually on a bus, that caught on fire, we were touring, me and Miley were on tour, and my brand new bus caught on fire and burnt to the ground. And it was very traumatising and I couldn’t sleep on the road after that, and so, of course – I always say someone – Miley suggested that I smoke weed. Someone gave me an Ambien and it made me feel terrible, so she was like, “I’m telling you mom, that’s a chemical, why are you willing to put that in your body and you’re not willing to just smoke weed which is natural?” and so I tried it, and it helped me sleep. And I loved it. And so that’s kinda how I started smoking.

Q: So who, for both of you, is your favourite family member to get high with?
Tish: Let me think about that.
Brandi: The thing about this is, we recently in the past couple of years, because I don’t usually smoke it, like I’m usually the only one not smoking when we’re all together. And I’ll tell ya like, in years past, when the family gets together, it’s usually holidays when we’re all together, and it’s usually fist fight. And like, we get in arguments about stupid shit, aliens! Whether aliens exist, and one year we got in a huge fight about it. And since everyone started smoking, it’s way more fun.
Tish: Serious. I was gonna say that, is that ok to say? Because honestly that is true – when all five kids are together, they always find something to argue about. When everybody is smoking, that does not happen at all – I feel like this last Christmas and the Christmas before, were our two best Christmases ever, because everybody – we ate dinner, we did our thing, and then we smoked, and we hung out together for longer than we ever would have, with no issues whatsoever.

Q: Did you used to get mad at any of your kids, prior to smoking weed?
Tish: Even on, like, Miley’s tours and stuff, I would be like, “Everybody’s getting drug tested!” Like, I’m not even joking. Weed was absolutely no. Like any of my kids that I thought were smoking pot, I would lose my mind, I’m not even kidding.
Brandi: And even, I remember when Noah started smoking, like … you were livid. You were like, “Nooo, she’s turning into Miley! What did I do?” [laughs]
Tish: I know, I was SO upset.

Q: How did you break it to the rest of the family that you were no longer gonna scream at them? [Referring to her attitude towards her kids smoking weed after she started]
Brandi: I will never forget when Noah Cyrus called me on the phone, and found your stash, and was bawling crying.
Tish: She was so upset. Because she was like, “You’re the only person in my whole life that doesn’t smoke pot!” besides Brandi, and so she was like, definitely not happy about it. Did not speak to me for like, 3 weeks, at all. Like, zero words. And then Miley, on the other hand, I was ready to kill her because she was the one I told you got me to smoke, once the bus burnt down, she was like, “Mom, just come in the bathroom, sit right here, no one’s gonna know,” and she like, rolled me a joint or whatever, to smoke it, and I took one puff, she opens the bathroom door, and her entire band is standing in the door. She’s like, “Mom’s smoking pot!” […] Especially when she’s like, “Mom, just stay in here, no one’s gonna know,” and literally called the entire band to watch me smoke pot.

Tish: I manage both girls, and I work with a guy named Adam Leber, and I used to get so upset when one person, or even multiple people, you know, would say something about Miley or Noah […] and he would be like, “Ok Tish, there may be like, a hundred people saying bad things, or negative things, or two hundred, but the world is buying the music, the world is listening,” so you cannot worry about the few people sitting behind their computers and saying these things, like, don’t waste your energy. And so that really did, like, resonate with me as like, “Ok, that’s right. How many people are actually doing that?” Like in the big scheme of things it doesn’t really matter. So that made me feel so much better, and kind of let that go, and now I just don’t even pay attention to it, but it really bothered me, for a long time.

Q: You mentioned that you managed both Miley and Noah, are you still managing both of them now?
Tish: I am, yeah. […] You know what, it actually is really good, cause everybody is like, “I don’t know how you’re so close to them,” and, that works out, and I honestly don’t know either, like we were just kinda thrown into that when we moved here for Miley to do Hannah Montana, and I managed her by myself for some time, and then I had brought in another manager that could manager her with me, until she got a little bit older, and then I brought in Adam Leber who has managed her with me for 8 years. […] Like yes, I’m their mom, and I manage them with a team. When they were younger it was harder, because there were times where we were on tour and I’d have to ground Miley, you know, and she’d be like, “You’re fired!” and you know it was a whole thing, and now we’re so close, even more now that she is older. […] It’s a lot of pressure, like I don’t want to make mistakes knowing that I’m also her mom, you know, and the decisions we make, but somehow it’s worked out really well for us. And I absolutely love it.
Brandi: […] She’s always been the mom first. And you know, especially when Miley was younger, or Noah was younger, it’s the whole, “I’m mad! You’re fired!” and mom’s like, “Right, fire me, cya!” […] “More free time for me!”
Tish: You’re right, and you know that’s something else I want to talk about, like kids in the industry, because I’ve seen it go like, really bad, […] if you’re like, relying on your kids to pay your bills etc […] it is such a recipe for disaster. […] So really being able to manage them, but not needing it to survive financially, was a huge difference, and I think that’s probably what made it work. […] Listen, everybody thinks Miley is this like, wild thing, like first of all Miley doesn’t even smoke pot anymore, she smokes only CBD, she doesn’t drink, she’s the cleanest person I know, she is like, she is just, so solid. And of course she grew up in the public and there were those times where she was pushing the boundaries and we were reviewing and I was punishing her, and jumping gates to, just being poor Mommabear, but I think she always knew I did those things because I loved her, and so it just worked. And now she is just so unbelievably, she’s just incredible. That’s all I can say like she’s yoga and working out, eats clean and all this so, whatever I did I feel like I did right. […] It is hard, but I think you have to be the mom first.

Tish: Miley constantly goes, “Noah is the coolest girl I know,” like, “I used to be cool! Noah’s so much cooler than I!” and she just says this all the time.

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